Friday, 1 June 2018

Preparing for learning over Summer

It is hard to believe that it is nearly the end of the school year. It has been a busy and productive school year, with all students having had access to a wide range of exciting, challenging and stimulating learning activities.

It is natural for parents to want this momentum to continue and they
are often anxious about how they can support the progress that their child has made over the year, during the Summer break. My clear advice is: don't panic about this!

Like us, children need a break to refresh and relax, kick back and focus their energies into other, also productive activities that translate into learning. Summer is often the time when our students travel, so naturally are learning about other cultures. It may be that they are at the beach, so are learning about water and sun safety. Most likely, they are spending the Summer with family members and this opportunity to develop relationships and spend time together is rich beyond words.

The only other advice I would give is to ensure that you keep your child reading. Read
with them, to them and let them read to you. Discuss their book with them- talk about the characters, plot lines, sub plots, themes and so on. For our younger readers, we often do see a drop off in reading levels because of not practising reading. This is not a huge concern for us as they do always catch up. But- we would rather see the time taken to catch up to instead develop them further as a reader.

Summer is a wonderful time to extend learning beyond the classroom with their most important teachers- their parents and family! If you have any concerns about this at all, please do talk to your child's class teacher.