Thursday, 14 December 2017

Christmas Reading

As Christmas draws closer and our holidays loom large, many of us think about a good book to take away on holiday with us to read and relax with. Some of us specifically enjoy a 'trashy novel', the sort that we perhaps would not normally enjoy, but the mood and context makes it fun.

Our children are no different. They too enjoy the appropriate equivalent of a 'trashy novel', although it may be in the form of a comic or a book that parents consider to be 'too easy' for their child to read.
My advice and actually my plea, is to let them enjoy reading whatever they want to these holidays.

Reading comics does not inhibit literacy development, in fact, it can even enhance it! Some of our reluctant readers need a hook to pull them in to the joy of reading. Comics can do this. Elley (1994) investigated the relationship between comic reading and reading achievement in 9 &10 year olds across 27 countries. The findings confirmed that comics can have a positive impact on reading, which is counter to some widely held views to the contrary.

What about books that you may consider too easy for your child? Again, the evidence seems to suggest that light to easy reading provides the competence and motivation to continue reading and to read more harder books. This makes sense- after all, all of us enjoy becoming good at something and increasing the challenge is often a part of that pleasure.

So, pop a comic into your child's stocking this Christmas and watch them love reading it. Hopefully sitting alongside you reading your trashy holiday novel!

Happy holidays everyone!