Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Rediscovering the joy of stories

Recently, I upgraded my iPhone 4 to an iPhone8. Probably, within that very first sentence, you have already formed an opinion of how up to date I am with technology in my personal life. However, I should have perhaps have said that I reverted to my iPhone 4 after my much newer phone, bought to replace it, died.

With this new phone, it suddenly seems that a world previously denied to me, mainly because I was not able to update the old phone with newer apps, was suddenly opened up, including access to podcasts.

So I have joined the throngs of the permanently connected, walking around Central, catching a bus, riding in a taxi, with my buds in my ears listening to the dulcet tones of an experienced reader, telling stories which have enchanted and enraptured me.

I love this new world of storytelling, I love the spoken word and I love the way in which being told a story, previously the domain of children, is now available to me as an adult.

It has made me reflect on how this pleasure, instilled as children, never leaves us. It has reminded me about the importance of introducing our children to the joy of the spoken word and how comforting it is to settle down and just...listen.

For me now,  it is my grand children I am reading to. Not for them the technology of a podcast, but instead the delight of a book,
read to just them. We have our old favourites, read time after time and now we even make reference to the story at other times as well. One of our favourite stories refers to going on an escalator as 'climbing a mountain' and so that it what we say when we get on one. It is like an inside joke that we share together and helps them to make connections to the bigger and wider world around them.

Night time routines are something most of us follow when organising our children into bed. If you don't already, I would definitely encourage you to make a story part of this. Of course, stories are great anytime, even when walking along Central!