Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Social media- friend or foe?

Image result for images social mediaWe have been having quite a lot of discussion in school about the role of social media in our school. It has become the norm for communicating and we need to add this method to our communication strategies. I have no issues with this, in fact I am driving this consideration and posing the question. In talking with teachers though, it is clear that it can be a hot potato if not handled correctly.

So my dilemma is how to do this in a way that promotes our school and learning, while not opening myself or the school up to destructive comments or feedback. I have considered joining some of the social media groups that are out there that regularly discuss schools, in order to be able to comment- or more likely, correct false information. I have seen quite recently a comment by a Bradbury parent (?) that contained some misinformation (note to self- communicate with the community more clearly on the issue) However, another parent (?) kindly stepped in and corrected the misinformation.
 (☺Thank you) So, I guess I don't need to do this.

I have thought about starting a Facebook page- however, our PTA already has one, so do we need two? Maybe we can add some more school things to that instead of creating a completely new one. I do like the idea of sharing our great learning in an informal way- but then, you run into the problem of 'do we post photos of students?'

Our website is an ESF template and cannot be changed- except in colour. So does that just leave Twitter? Maybe.

What I do know is that we can't continue to have a silent social media voice. Any ideas out there would be really helpful.


  1. Hi Sandra

    I started reading your blog, Bradbury school and ESF website since half year ago while I was deeply thinking which education philosophy and study environment would suit my son the most and what sort of skills that would make him being well equipped for pursuing his dreams.

    Regarding your post for having social media to share your thoughts and views on topics as well as school activities, I really look forward to seeing them. Whether it would be posted through blog, facebook and twitter, it definitely help current Bradbury school parents and/or parents who would like to be one of those to get more understanding on what Bradbury school is like.

    Concerning the possible destructive comment and feedback from individual case, it could be managed by your assigned administrator. As for whether or not to post photos of students, it would be fine as long as parents’ written consent is being obtained.

    In general, social media is the most effective way to share instant thoughts and information to the interested parties.

    I can’t wait for getting your decision…………


    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Since posting this blog comment, I have started using our school Twitter account. My goal is to have something posted everyday!

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