Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Learning over Christmas Break

It is hard to believe that the Christmas break is nearly here! As write this, I can hear our Year 1 students practising for their Christmas carol concert next week. It has been a busy term for us all and both staff and students are ready for the break that is coming their way.

Parents can sometimes worry about their child missing out on school and that their learning may slip behind because of the time away from school. I am happy though, to let you know that this is not the case. We want our students to develop the attitude of 'life long learning' and this means that they understand that learning takes place where ever they happen to be.

Many of our students are lucky enough to visit new countries during their break, with a different language, different food and cultural values. It may even be the opposite season! These experiences offer wonderful learning opportunities to try something new and to begin to understand that for many people, the world works in a different way from what they know.

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There is no need to feel that your child needs to write a diary everyday, do their maths or learn their spelling words. They, like us, also need the chance to slow down, relax and refresh. The one thing I would suggest you keep up with however, is their reading. But no need to make it a lesson, read the guide books, the street signs, the new food lables together. Visit a local bookstore and let your child pick out a new book or reading material (yes, even a comic!)to enjoy.
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Learning opportunities are everywhere, not just at school with teachers. They also happen on holiday with our student's first teachers- their parents!

Happy holidays everyone.

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