Thursday, 26 November 2015

Our new hall

As you will be aware, over this Summer and for part of this academic year, our 40 year old hall has been undergoing transformation! Gone are the turquoise panels, the maroon velvet curtains, the parquet flooring,  the built in furniture and the popcorn ceiling.

Everything has been replaced- new flooring, new windows, new staging, curtains, lighting, sound and wall linings, new paint job...Instead of a testament to the 80's, we have a  sleek, modern renovation that we will be very proud to have as a part of Bradbury School for the next 40 years!

We took some space from the foyer atrium to add a control room for lighting and sound. This addition really takes our hall to the next level in terms of the sophistication of media that we can use to support our children's learning. We also used the expertise of our artist in residence to  work with our students and create some amazing mosaics for the pillars, which I am really looking forward to being installed.

This hall (and foyer) renovation has been planned for some time. Way before the first hammer hit the walls, meetings, consultations and lots of talking has gone into the process- around two years worth. Along the way, I been supported by a great team from ESF and by staff who have also invested much time into working out where our lighting, sound and visual equipment needs to be.

It has taken a huge amount of work and we are almost there, but of course, there are a few things that need to be rectified before signing off, so we are still waiting for that to happen. I must admit, it is a bit frustrating- it feels like a golden apple I can reach out and touch but not yet crunch into as it is just out of reach and every time I think it is nearly in my grasp, it spins away from me. However, this is to be expected with a huge building project and I just need to be patient!

Our school building is an old one, showing its age, so it is important that we spend time and resources improving, upgrading and future proofing, so that our students can benefit from learning in a beautiful space. It makes a difference somehow.

If you are in school, do feel free to take a peek, it is safe to go in and all construction has been completed. It is just the finishing touches we are waiting on.