Thursday, 8 May 2014


It is always fascinating to me how the extraordinary quickly becomes ordinary. I panic when I think I have left the house or school without my phone and yet I have lived most of my life dialling up a land line number. When mobile phones came into common use, they were called 'bricks'(and for good reason), seriously expensive and really just for high fliers- if you had one, you had obviously 'made it' ! Now though, they are such a part of our ordinary, everyday life that it is unthinkable to leave home without it and we probably don't even think about how commonplace they are. Having a mobile phone has gone from being extraordinary to very ordinary.

Interestingly,  our whole bracket of social behaviours has changed due to the extraordinary becoming commonplace. I went out recently, to a beautiful restaurant with amazing views over Hong Kong. At the table next to us was a couple out for what was obviously a romantic date. Beautiful clothes, champagne in the cooler next to the table, candles, white table cloth and a bouquet of a dozen red roses on the table. What did the couple spend most of the evening doing? You guessed it...texting! Very little conversation or social interaction took place the whole evening.

You may have in read my previous blog about what some of our students told us their parents did while they were reading. When one of our teachers sent the link below out to staff to watch, I couldn't help but reflect on that date, what our students told us and my own behaviour at home when I eschew conversation in order to get back to surfing the net!

Effective communication is such an important tool for our students and I guess many of us, including myself feel that digital literacy is a vital part of that. Well, yes it is, but not at the expense of talking to each other or  learning to listen, you know, the ordinary means of communicating- or is that now extraordinary?

So, please give 100% of your attention to your child when they read, maybe start a board game after dinner, cut down on screen time and like the clip says, look up!

Here is the link but please do note that contains some strong language,  but it is such a powerful message, it is worth blogging about and definitely worth a moment to watch and reflect on.

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