Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Planning together

I really like the way that dedicated time for teachers to get together for planning is built into our timetable. It means that a high level of communication is in place, teachers can work on units together and share ideas, as well as having time for the practical planning of trips and visits.

This year, instead of going in to each classroom for a formal observation of teaching, I have dedicated a month to spend with each year group, to work with them in a way that they think would be helpful. An example of this has been to spend some time asking students questions about their perceptions of their learning, then feeding this back to teachers. The teachers then can examine their teaching practices to see if they need to make modifications based on their students' feedback.

The pictures below are from my time with the Year 1 team, after I spent some time asking students about their perceptions of 'success'.

I think it is great that teachers want to give value to student voice and to hear what our students think and feel about this huge thing called 'learning' that they are so heavily involved in each day!

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