Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Tarzan and Andy

It was a great experience yesterday, as a part of the Hong Kong International Young Readers' Festival, to take a group of students to listen to Andy Briggs, author of the 'Tarzan' series (he gained permission to update the stories) and screenwriter. Andy was very entertaining and engaging. Our students not only gained knowledge about jungle survival, they also gained ideas and inspiration for becoming the authors, song writers and screen writers of the future, and were told how important it was to have ideas and to follow them through, no matter your age.

I have always believed that it is important that we foster our children's ideas and interests from an early age. When my son was young, all he wanted to do was come home from school and get outside. He wanted to be in the garden, climbing trees, chopping at them (as a result, I never had sharp knives and no, he wasn't allowed them!) making huts, playing in the stream and he just loved being out in the fresh air and sunshine! Homework was never a priority and it was always a struggle to get him to complete it. Now, he is an adult and what is his profession? He is an arbourist who loves to work outside in the fresh air and sunshine, he climbs trees, uses chainsaws, prunes trees into shape...
His ten weekly spelling words never had a chance!

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