Thursday, 7 March 2013

Lights, camera...action!

The whole notion of action as a component of our curriculum is a relatively new one, one, that I might add, I think is fabulous! With our curriculum now being about concepts rather than content, the whole concept of being a socially aware, responsible global citizen is something that we all embrace and take seriously here at Bradbury.

Growing up in a relatively geographically isolated country, with a fairly limited ethnic range, in a time well before connectivity was a way of life, I was an an adult before I realised that there were different ways of looking at the world, that other ways of life and thought were as valid as my own and that my actions could be a part of a larger collective.

My country studies in primary school were limited to the flag, food, festivals, houses, maybe a bit about the geography, all pretty shallow really. They didn't help me make connections with, or find similarities to people who didn't look like me or speak my language. In fact, if anything, they served to emphasise our differences!

I really like the way our students are encouraged to look at the world beyond their own, to understand that there are other perspectives and ways of thinking and to think about how they can, through their actions, make our world so much better.

I think taking action is something we do really well here at Bradbury. Right now, with the Year 6 exhibition happening, there are lots of examples at a student level. At a community level, we can be proud of our soon- to-be-three Room to Read libraries built in a developing country. At a parent level, we have actions such as those of our Speech Therapist mums who recently screened many of our Year 1&2 students and donated all of the fees received, as well as many hours of their personal time to supporting one of our Bradbury dads who is waiting for a costly organ transplant.

There are many, many more examples, all of which makes me glad that we are extending our students' way of thinking beyond the shallow, into ways that make them tolerant, understanding and 'action taking' people. Much better than simply knowing a country's flag and food!

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