Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Chinese Open Day

It was great to see so many parents come along to our Chinese Open Day. I really appreciated the fact that this took time and commitment and so I was very glad to hear how beneficial it was for you to see what actually happens in a Chinese lesson.
I took both Cantonese and Mandarin lessons for a whole year. These were one on one lessons for an hour each week. It was unbelievably hard, I had nothing to 'hang' my learning on as no words in English sound similar as they do in say French or Spanish. I underestimated the commitment I needed to learn either language and certainly felt like a 'bad student' every time I went to lessons! This reinforced my belief that every student needs to feel that they can learn and a poor self image of themselves as a learner hinders achievement. I always just felt overwhelmed!
As a result, I am always in awe of our students who can read, write and speak Mandarin, but most impressively, understand what the teacher is saying- an experience I never had the pleasure of!

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